Vetta Investments is a private money management firm specializing in aggressive growth strategies. 

We invest directly in the common stock of companies which are members of either the S&P500 Large Cap Index or the S&P400 Mid Cap Index.  Our current portfolio strategy, “V-Rank-A,” consists of 20 to 40 equity positions. The portfolio is selected by two algorithms which evaluate this 900 stock universe for securities which have the best value and performance potential. This portfolio selection process is repeated monthly, at which time all client accounts are re-positioned and re-balanced to remain aligned with the V-Rank-A model portfolio.

Performance of the V-Rank-A model portfolio has been closely tracked since March, 2005. From this date through the end of August 2019, the V-Rank-A model portfolio increased a total of 346%. This compares to a total return for the S&P500 Index and the S&P400 Index of 135% and 173% respectively.

Total returns that handily beat the S&P500 and S&P400 market averages over time.

The Client controls all deposits and withdrawals. We never handle your money.

Block trading keeps expenses to a minimum and insures fair distribution of assets and expenses.