Important Disclosures for Model Portfolio Performance Results

Model portfolio performance is hypothetical. It does not reflect trading in actual accounts. It is provided for informational purposes to illustrate the theoretical performance of the V-Rank-A model portfolio on a continuing basis. 

The results for the V-Rank-A model portfolio:

Reflect the V-Rank strategy of investing in 20-40 pre-selected equity positions, all of which are members of either the S&P500 “Large Cap” or the S&P400 “Mid Cap” indices. The portfolio is held for approximately one month and is then repositioned and rebalanced.

Reflect the application of the V-Rank-A selection criteria in order to determine the specific portfolio selections for each monthly investment period.

Include rebalancing of all positions to an equal dollar value at the beginning of each investment period.

Are determined based on the closing prices of each portfolio security on the last trading day of the investment period. For example, the results for March use the closing prices on the last trading day of February as a beginning value and on the last trading day of March as an ending value.

Include reinvestment of dividends.

Include a deduction for estimated trading fees of 0.04% per month.

Include a deduction for the maximum individual account advisory fee of 0.125% per month.

Does not include the effect of taxes on gains or losses.

Are not based on actual trading and do not reflect the potential market price impact from the purchase or sale of securities and timing of trades.

Your individual V-Rank-A portfolio results will vary somewhat from the model portfolio because of the timing of trades, deposits, and withdrawals in your individual account. Whereas the model portfolio is measured based on closing security prices, actual trading generally takes place during normal trading hours.

The results for the benchmark S&P500 and S&P400 Indices do not include reinvestment of dividends or any estimated trading fees.

Important Disclosure regarding Interactive Brokers (our Custodian)

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