Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum account size required to open an account?

Yes, our minimum account size is US$100,000.

Who has custody of my funds and assets?

All of your funds and assets are held by an independent 3rd party custodian – Interactive Brokers. You arrange all deposits and withdrawals directly with the custodian through their secure “Account Management” portal on their web site. Vetta Investments directs and executes the investment of your funds, consistent with our account agreement. We encourage you to visit the Interactive Brokers web site to learn more about them.

What is your account management fee?

Our account management fee varies according to account size (see table below). The fee is based on the “Net Asset Value” (i.e., fair market value) of your account. One twelfth of the annual fee (minimum of US$50) is accrued on the last business day of each calendar month based on the Net Asset Value of your account at that point in  time. Clients are invoiced quarterly.

Vetta Account Management Fees

Account Value (US$) Annual Fee
First $500,000 of NAV 1.50%
Next $500,000 of NAV 1.25%
All NAV over $1,000,000 1.00%

Are there any other expenses I will incur?

Yes. The custodian for your account, Interactive Brokers, charges a commission for clearing trades made on your behalf by Vetta Investments. We believe their rates to be very competitive within the industry. For equities, they currently charge $0.005 per share with a $1.00 minimum per trade. The custodian’s minimum monthly commission is $10 (i.e., if trades in your account for the past month do not amount to at least $10, the custodian will assess the difference to reach the $10 minimum). The custodian may also assess other fees for certain services you may request. Our goal in managing your account is to keep your annual trading commissions to less than 0.5% of your account size.

Do you guarantee your returns?

No. Past performance can never be a guarantee of future results. The reality is that no one knows the future, so future returns cannot be guaranteed.

How do I establish an account with Vetta Investments?

Click here to get started.

Can I open an IRA account with Vetta Investments?

Yes, you can open several different account types including regular margin, traditional and rollover IRA’s, and Roth IRA’s.

What are the advantages of working with Vetta Investments?

  • Independent, objective money management. Since we do not accept fees or commissions from any 3rd parties (for the sale of products, etc.), our advice is unbiased. We try very hard to avoid any conflicts of interest so that your goals and our goals are the same – to grow your assets. See our Code of Ethics.
  • Access to the private V-Rank-A Aggressive Growth portfolio. While we cannot guarantee it, we firmly believe that the market averages can be exceeded.
  • Professional monitoring and management of your account (learn more).
  • Reliable and efficient customer service.